Dialectal differences

Towns and villages of each dialect
The Mboi as a language has two major dialects (Mboi and Handa) as testified and proved by my stay close to Mboi people for at least twenty years. Although Blench (2019) says that the language has three dialects (Mboi, Handa and Banga). According to him, Handa seemed to be another language. But based on Abi’s research and being close to the language group for at least 20 years for observation, and also the proof given by the language stakeholders, the language has only two dialects. Therefore, Mboi is a name of the language and it represent a dialect also, then Handa which involve of Banga as well, although with a little sub-variations. 
The classification of the villages is represented bellow.

1    Mboiː    Sigire, Golontaɓal, Baawo, Nadɗa, Ɓokki, Mbilla, Garintuwo, Bwarangai, Livo, Gulgul, Kesure, Zangra, Baitalami, Gakta, Daɗe, Murvəci, Gulungo, Garin Mission, Gejeli, Gerwel, Perwel, Lewa, Kəngo, Moddo, Shitto, Wuro modi, Jambutu, Kasamən, Kwayar, Bishi, Bumbo, Wantoro, Dame, Wuro Yeso, Baranga, Wurcibca, Kance, and Cikkol.
2    Handa    Banga, Handa, Kuɓa, Bnne, Zne, Kaulara, Zumbe, Diɓade, Ɓundu.
There are some dialectal variations as earlier said. 
The variations in Mboi and Handa Dialects are clear to everyone who stays among them for at least four weeks with a linguistic concern. The researcher uses Yungur in the comparison for more clear information. The table below shows some common dialectal variations of the two dialects of Mboi language in line with its closest language.

   Mboi                                   Handa                Yungur    Meaning in English
1    Mbiya                                 Mbəra              Mbərã       Water
2    Kitiya                                 Kucira         Kəra                  corn stock
3    Pitiya                                  Picira          Mbukəfa           Food
4    Semfandayau?    Semfandərau?    Sokolosəreu?    Is it not like that?
5    Hayau?                               Harau?       Losau?              Is it like that?
6    Pitiya    picira                   Pira,            ɓura               Palp

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