Videos, Audio and Pictures of Mboi

Rev. Ezekiel A Gummiya, The Chairman Mboi Development Association

Chairman of Mboi Development Association.Rtd. Rev. Ezekiel A Gummiya and the Researcher, Abi Benson Silon



Some of the Stakeholders of Mboi and Translation and Documentation. Leaders at TCNN for an official visitation to the HOD Linguistics and Translation Department around September 2021 in Jos.

A cultural attire for male ready for dance and fight againts enemy as well

Visitation of Abi Benson on Feb. 2022 Baba Samaila Hambawa Handa a Chief Priest (in those days) in consultation of Oracle for rain

Baba Samaila Hambawa Handa and the Oracle (the hut) and the three holes on the rock is for placing the lungs of a sacrificed animal

A Team on tour to Handa (The original place)

A Cross-section of the team that went on tour for Oracle visitation Feb. 2022

Baba Samaila Hambawa Handa and Abi Benson on the tour for Oracle consultation in Handa