Mei-Mboi community has rose to the development of historic documentation which comprises of its origin, the places of its abode base on the clan-records, places of attractive history and mystery. It also has a sciolinguistic analysis that touches the dialectal variations among the two major dialects as well as Dictionary Making and lots more.

The ongoing Mboi Paramount Rulership

Mboi as a language group was politically given a monarchial autonomy at the district level in 1992. The installation of the first District Head was Mallam Isa Aliyu Falama in the same year 1992 and was officially comfirmed on Dec. 5th 1993 of which he led for a time ranging from 1993-Sept. 12th 2005 he died and it was given to his successor Laminu Isa Falama from September 13th 2005, started an approved official administration around 2006-Oct 3rd, 2021. After the death of Laminu, a temporary leadership was given to Alhaji Aminu Gudu who was as well the village head of Gudu as a ruler awaiting the formal coronation to whom it may concern. All these listed District Heads are not Mboi by native identification but Fulanis and Gudu (that is from 1992-2021). The Inhabitants of Mboi lament that Adamawa State council has not done justice to them. How can it be that a District would be named after a tribe and be ruled by an alien? It is not fair at all!  or +2347082815338  

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