Mboi Language Development

In the journey of Mboi, Language development has started earlier by Hon. Javan Jambali, who has intensively documented on the sociolinguistics survey of the language group, followed by Dr. Jenifer Joshua who has documented briefly on some variety of dialects found within the ethnic group.

Moving foward Dr. Roger Blench (PhD) seems to have been moved by his passion for African langauges and agreed with Dr. Jenifer in some of her account which he (Blench) wrote on the same perspective in sociolinguistics of Mboi dialects. 

Currently, Abi Benson Silon whom out of Passion for his language group, and thereby having a widespread vision about Ɓəna people, has come up with full force not only in documenting some of the aforementioned issues but the development of Ɓəna, Mboi and other languages of Africa. As a result, he first focused on Mboi language in order to fully document all her linguistics and socioethnic data. 

Following his passion of the few out of much untapped discoveries, he has documented more sociolinguistics data on Mboi, developing Mboi Dictionary and moreover has built the website for this ethnic group so that they shall survive globalization and challenges that could possibly cause the ethnic group into extinction.

Abi Benson has much to say but a few out of the current issues that Mboi community has with the support of her sons and daughters are:

1. Mboi Dictionary (both in hard and soft "App" copy). which is under work. 

But some materials are available, most especially: -

2. Body Chart (Anathomy of human body in Mboi). Parts of a Human Body.pdf

3. Mboi Orthography (Alphabet and common rules in reading and writing Mboi language). Kawoyi ɗa ihyã Mboi.pdf and The Grammar of Mboi Language.pdf

4. Initiating Programmes to foster language use in her land such as: Bible Translation

GənaRike ɗa ni Lukawa Handa.pdf (The Book of Luke) in Handa Dialect

GənaRike ɗa ni Lukawa.pdf (The Book of Luke) in Mboi Dialect

, Bible Study Notes, The Lord's Prayer, Apostolic Creed, etc. 

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